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The Responsive City

At last, some real content!
Using the Drupal book template, I have uploaded a text that is basically an application (May 2009) for research grants addressed to Swedish research council FORMAS.


Using my very narrow mobile broadband, I have uploaded the Image module for Drupal. Let us see if it works.

Nå, det gick inte så bra. Slow, very slow. And maybe there is a small detail that is missing.


... and the home page has to rest.


Updating and editing content is extremely slow on mobile broadband – just in those places you don't have a fixed or wifi connection. Enjoy your vacation if you have one!

Dagboksarkiv/Diary Archive

Sjunde dagen/Seventh day

...on the seventh day he rested from all his work... Nej, jag hade annat för mig men hemsidan vilade (i stort sett). Fast sen blev det en del jiddrande med att installera FCKeditor. (2009-07-13)

Nyheter News

The Responsive City and Mobilities of the Urban Landscape will be the content that I work on here in the close future

The Responsive City is an application for research grants that I intend to develop into an essay. The work will be closely related to my participation in Cityful, hopefully a future EU-project. Mobilities is the final report of MobiScape and its development will be displayed quite openly on this website.

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