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Bildgalleri/Photo gallery - test mode

I stumbled upon an open-source and freeware gallery program and quickly installed it. Now I am testing it and it seems to work well. The design is not so fancy, though!

Jag råkade hitta ett program för bildgallerier (öppen källkod och gratis) och installerade det genast. Nu testar jag det och det verkar funka. Designen är inte så kul, dock!

Switching languages problem still remains

When trying to switch from English to Swedish on the front page, Drupal still shows the English text for "drupal/sv". The Swedish version can still be reached via "Hem", though. Other language switching available works between pages in Swedish and English.


Of course I can link externally to the Swedish front page, but it is still irritating to find the English text under "dupal/sv". I have to look into this.

Shopping på landet med GPS i mobilen

Jag undrade just när de skulle dyka upp — latituder och longituder i reklam för outlets, caféer och designbutiker på landet. Och i år hände det. Kommer vi att se nya mönster utvecklas för loklisering av detaljhandel, kultur och andra attraktioner, mönster som förändrar relationerna mellan centrum och periferi i urbana regioner?


Countryside shopping with a GPS in your mobile

I was wondering when they would appear — latitudes and longitudes in advertisements for countryside shops, cafes and other attractions. This year they did. Will we see new patterns of localization of businesses and other attractions evolve, changing the relations between the centre and periphery of urban regions?


Translation troubles

Lately, I have been working hard to make the site bilingual. I want at least the most important pages to be available in Swedish as well as in English. In situations like that, Drupal sometimes appears be a bit difficult to see through. There is a lot of information available, but not exactly the one you need. However, yesterday I found the instructions I needed, and now the work has begun to make translation and to allow the easy switch between English and Swedish.

Cell phone coverage and mobile broadband

Mobile broadband promises the freedom to reach the internet wherever you are. You are no longer stuck in places with fixed network access, like home, workplace and the privileged “hot spots” of the city. When driving, cycling, walking, trekking, and spending time in remote places, mobile broadband always gives you full access to your global connections, on your laptop or mobile. Work wherever you want.

Moving things around

Checking out the websites of colleagues, I am often inspired to make changes in my own. This time I borrow parts of the layout of Robert Willim's homepage. Going on/Coming up is his right hand side list of activities he is taking part in:


Robert Willim Art and Cultural Analysis


Look in the right column and you will see that I try to follow his example!

The Architecture of Sigurd Wikström

Sigge and Karin by the outdoor fireplace at Lilla Lugnet.

The imbroglios of amateur architecture

Amatörarkitekturens förvecklingar

Image loop


Today, after having (re)learnt some html and after having spent not so few hours making changes and corrections, I uploaded the image loop. It contains 20 or so images, (randomly well chosen) from my archives. The idea was to display images that tell about how I relate to cities and architecture. Check for yourself of it works:

And today I am Per Tomas 

Country Road Mobiles

is my latest blog entry on Places, phones and mobilities

Read it!


"Cell phones are certainly nothing new to the village where I like to spend my summers. However this is the first year that I notice them as a sound feature of the rural landscape.


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